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Critiques of Academia in the Modern Counterculture Movement

In the 2010s a counterculture movement against academia in general has developed as a general trend in criticism of how it upholds certain institutions in society, such as racial tensions and socioeconomic hierarchy. Young people attending school have become very aware, in my experience as a college student that achieving their goals in a post-gradContinue reading “Critiques of Academia in the Modern Counterculture Movement”

Early Parental attachments translating to Future attachments

As a child we are born into a world with our human loving energy granting attachment to the first socially acceptable form of an attachment system we are aware of: our parents. Our sexuality is then determined. It is determined through our oscillating feelings of attachment to either parents or grandparents that develop through sexualContinue reading “Early Parental attachments translating to Future attachments”

Ideas for this blog

-pop culture analysis (general topics) -analysis of the phenomenon of psychosis -feminist theory -basically I want to write about things that interest me, without fear of scrutiny or judgement because it’s very unlikely anyone will read this anyway.

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