Patterns, Motifs and Trends in Pop Music

There is a sensibility about pop music that indicates certain, very specific “facts” about life that make it as popular as it is, in my opinion. Of course it’s hard to tell whether any of this could be considered true or even important, as pop music is normally caught in a cultural cycle considered banalContinue reading “Patterns, Motifs and Trends in Pop Music”

Astrology as a Fictional Understanding of Astronomy

As someone who has become a bit of a convert in the realm of astrology, I find it rather reductive to criticize the belief system out of general respect for the online community. However, I do believe that the general rhetoric that is written as fact that is promoted by online astrologers is rather damagingContinue reading “Astrology as a Fictional Understanding of Astronomy”

Mental Health Stigma in the Media and Society

I’ve found in my time in the mental health system, many components of the experience of entering, being in, and exiting treatment stem from the immense amount of stigma that comes from media depictions of mental health and therefore mental health recovery. Movies such as Fight Club and Girl, Interrupted and people such as SylviaContinue reading “Mental Health Stigma in the Media and Society”

Critiques of Academia in the Modern Counterculture Movement

In the 2010s a counterculture movement against academia in general has developed as a general trend in criticism of how it upholds certain institutions in society, such as racial tensions and socioeconomic hierarchy. Young people attending school have become very aware, in my experience as a college student that achieving their goals in a post-gradContinue reading “Critiques of Academia in the Modern Counterculture Movement”

Early Parental attachments translating to Future attachments

As a child we are born into a world with our human loving energy granting attachment to the first socially acceptable form of an attachment system we are aware of: our parents. Our sexuality is then determined. It is determined through our oscillating feelings of attachment to either parents or grandparents that develop through sexualContinue reading “Early Parental attachments translating to Future attachments”